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Here you will find free sample chapters from the novels available on this site.

Life at the Wentworth Academy for Young Ladies of Distinction may not be so bad, but for the five “special” cases kept in Bloodgood House, the prospects are considerably less attractive.  Each one with her own particular affliction, they are kept away from the other girls.  That’s why when their headmistress sells them out to sky pirates, they jump at the chance to escape and embark on an adventure none of them could have ever foreseen.  Adventure!  Excitement!  Bad Manners!

Beauty and The Blade - Free   ( 12 Chapters )

Athena Leonidas lives a simple life, far from the city of Achillea. But then warships capture the city in the name of the legendary Tyrant, and when Athena’s father returns to help defend it, he is imprisoned and sentenced to die. She confronts the terrible Beast who now controls the kingdom, and he offers her a bargain: if she will be his slave, her father will be spared. Desperate, she agrees.  By day she is his, by night she masks her face and, as the Rose, fights the occupation of her home.  Athena must find a way to free her country – she must find a way to kill the Beast.

But she begins to see humanity in him. What does she feel for him? What does he feel for her? What happens when love and tyranny collide? 

The Dragon Throne - Free   ( 12 Chapters )

The kingdom of Umar lies on the edge of the desert, guarded by dragons. Azera is the daughter of the king, her father’s sole heir. Haunted by rumors that she is cursed by her albino skin, she burns to prove herself.

In the desert lands of the south a sorcerer arises who rouses the nomad tribes into revolt. There is a battle, and the master of the dragonriders betrays the kingdom and joins their enemy.

Alone, Azera must rally the kingdom. Her only ally is Shabako – the leader of those dragonriders who remain loyal. In a storm of crisis and treachery, Azera must fight to hold The Dragon Throne

PThe far-flung Zor Empire lies in chaos. The Empress is dead - assassinated - and opportunists, traitors, and schemers vie for control of the succession.

When Kasar Kell Calyx travels to Zor Prime to join the Imperial Guard, she discovers they are outlawed and hunted. She soon finds herself in trouble, but imprisonment yields vital and dangerous information: a true heir to the throne may be hidden on a desolate planet.

Embroiled in murder and intrigue, Kasar must decide who to trust. She joins forces with three renegade Guardsmen intent on finding the true heir: Shirda, a former assassin hiding her past behind the Guard’s red cloak; Rel, a disgraced nobleman with Psionic powers; and Tor, a giant from a distant planet who has vowed to serve the crown.

Together, they must race find the hidden heir before a pretender can seize the throne and take control of the Crimson Empire!

The Black Enchantress - Free   ( 13 Chapters )
Proserpina was the Grand Duchess of the city-state of Tyras. Betrayed by her brother in law, she had to flee, leaving her infant daughter behind. Shipwrecked on a deserted, unknown island, she found a ruined tower, the home of a sorceress long dead, and in company with the beast-man who became her servant, she studied, and grew powerful in the ways of magic.

After fifteen years in exile Proserpina is able to escape her prison. She comes for revenge, and finds chaos. Her enemies are at one another’s throats, her daughter has fled to escape a forced marriage, and now hides among criminals and scoundrels in the city's underworld. Seeking revenge with one hand, and redemption with the other, Proserpina must make her way through a landscape of traitors, assassins, and intrigue to forge a new destiny.

Masks and Madams - Free   ( 12 Chapters )
In 1883, Dolores "Dolly" Pride was drawn into her twin sister Delilah's exciting life of adventure, action, and sex.  The proper wife of Sheriff Hawk Pride, she was forced to impersonate her sister when she went missing, and learned to be a madam, as well as the masked avenger known as The Black Lash.

Now, a year later, Dolly and Delilah happily share the position of Madam, and they both ride the night as the Black Lash - righting wrongs and defending the innocent in frontier Kansas.  But now an international convocation of madams is coming in San Francisco, and Delilah cannot go, as she has evil to root out at home.  So Dolly will go in her place, meet madams from all over the world, and face the evil of Professor Von Draco and his designs upon the West - and the World!

The Forbidden Island - Free   ( 12 Chapters )
IIn 1773 Lord and Lady Blackwood, along with their daughter Hannah, sailed into uncharted seas and vanished, leaving behind only their youngest daughter, Cecily, barely out of infancy. Now, fifteen years later, Cecily is grown and seeks to solve the mystery of her family's disappearance. She sails into the same mysterious corner of the Indian Ocean in search of the same island her father sought - the Forbidden Island. There she will face danger, mystery, pirates, lust, and the secrets of a lost civilization, as she tries to unravel what happened to her parents, and what has become of her sister.

The Shadow Princess - Free   ( 12 Chapters )
In the tiny principality of Asturias, evidence comes to light that the ruthless mercenary captain Gorlos D'Averonne intends to kidnap Princess Adalina and hold her for ransom.  For her safety, she will be smuggled out of the city, and to keep her absence from being noticed too quickly, the services of Zirel Andalas are retained.  Zirel is not only the most (in)famous whore in the city of Uvala, she is also a skilled illusionist, using her abilities to impersonate others almost flawlessly.  She takes Adalina's place at the grand ball which opens Carnivale, while the princess makes her escape . . . only things don't go quite as planned.  Now the princess hides out in a whorehouse, while the whore takes her place in the palace and tries to help her unravel the conspiracy that threatens the realm.

In 1867 Eden Kane left her job at the Smithsonian and headed West, intending to become an agent of the government. Instead, she became a leader to the Brethren of the Sky. In 1868, she faced her greatest danger as the former Confederate General Hood plotted to become the overlord of the West and destroy Washington D.C.

Now, with air-warships at her command, Eden is a power to reckon with. As the forces of a weak government and scheming robber barons converge on the frontier, she must find what course she intends, and hold it. With her constant companions, the Experimentals Zenobia Santiago and Diamondback Sally, Eden must try and carve out her destiny in the West - the Graveyard of Empires.

Throne of the Depths - Free   ( 13 Chapters )
In 1894, Professor Arthur Graves's long scientific struggle to unravel the mysteries of the deep is about to bear fruit . . . or lead to disaster. His daughter Miranda discovers a plot by the science pirate Von Sinner to steal her father's experimental submersible, just as his old friend Vivian Roseblade brings a warning that may shut him down. Unwilling to let his invention fall into the wrong hands, or allow the government to suppress his creation, he launches the Odysseus and charts a course toward the uttermost deeps of the sea. Unwilling to be left behind, Miranda takes her place beside him. Together with the engineer Cutter Hall and the lovely and dangerous Roseblade, they begin a journey to uncover the secrets of a civilization lost beneath the waves.

Imperial Blood - Free   ( 12 Chapters )
The dread Emperor Acrisius rules over his vast empire from a dark palace at the northernmost part of the world.  Once every hundred years, he sends for a girl of royal lineage to be brought to his court.  When Sibylla is called, she does not know what will become of her.  She fears it will mean her death, but she finds herself entangled in the trajic life of the Dark Lord - who lives on blood, destroys all he touches, and yearns for a lost love he can never regain.  He will seek make her his, and if she is to remain herself, she must resist.

Garath, the knight who loves her, dares all to follow her into the north, willing to brave darkness, cold, and terror to save her.  He falls into the hands of Minaraja, the Emperor's first bride, a creature of deathless cruelty and unending spite. Roused by his youth and beauty, she seeks to break his spirit with pleasure and terror.

Sibylla and Garath must find their own ways through this dark place of intrigue, passion, and death unending.

When Eden Kane defeated Captain Dire, she became ruler of the Brethren of the Sky. With enemies on both sides, she must hold the empire she has won from those who would take it from her. Captain Black's Renegades are massed behind Captain Dire's untested daughter, Azrael Dire. Captain Hood gathers his strength in the wild northlands, ready to seize power with his dreadnought airships. Even Eden's own followers, the pirate fleet of El Dorado, may turn on her at the slightest sign of weakness.  With nothing but courage and her Experimental brain, Eden must fight to be Queen of the Sky Frontier.

The Golden Mask - Free   ( 9 Chapters )
The Golden Mask

In a time of airships, decadence, and splendor, a mad king rules, justice is in chains, and the people live in fear. Count Varian's has played the part of disaffected noble long enough, and now he must play the part of hero. He becomes the Golden Mask, anonymity his only shield against a traitor's death. Ambrel has returned from long exile, driven by rage to avenge the destruction of her house. As Lady Fox, she harries the corrupt nobility, seeking the heart of the conspiracy that destroyed her family. Against them are those who now rule from the shadows: the king's advisor Urza, who has the kingdom wrapped in his shadowy web; and Raziel Morningstar, who enforces Urza's will with fire and sword and cruelty. Both are said to possess unnatural powers, and are hungry for more.

In a country in need of heroes, who has courage to answer the call?

Heritage of Steel - Free   ( 13 Chapters )
Heritage of SteelNavigating a midlife crisis is never easy.  When you're a retired superheroine and a not-quite-retired supervillain, or when you're their latently superpowered daughter, it's a disaster waiting to happen.  Suburban life has left Max, formerly Lady Steel, and Russ, formerly Doctor Havoc, clinging to an unraveling marriage, both longing for and bitter about their pasts. Their daughter, Chris, has lived a safe life, but one without a sense of purpose.  Now the past comes back to haunt them when a new player assumes Russ' old identity. Both of them must deal with their past mistakes and present ennui to face this new threat – and they've been out of the game for years.  In the middle of all of it is Chris, learning that her parents aren't who she thought they were, learning that she isn't what she thought she was, and discovering the price of her Heritage of Steel.

The Red Winter Queen - Free   ( 6 Chapters )
The Red Winter QueenYgraine lives imprisoned in her dark tower, far in the north of the world.  Her mother is the powerful Red Queen, who holds the kingdom in her relentless power.  Over years Ygraine learns magic and mysteries, discovers her own strength, and learns the terrible fate her mother holds in store.  In the end she must challenge the Queen for freedom, and for her very life.  A dark and erotic fable of a Huntsman, a Princess, and her mother, the Red Winter Queen.

The Fox's Tale - Free   ( 13 Chapters )
Running from a forced marriage, country witch Shayrin and her fox familiar seek their dreams among the acting guilds of the grand city of Avallon. As captain of the palace guard, Lanner has no time to produce an heir, nor for House rivalries as the succession approaches. Decadent and dangerous from its highest towers to its darkest underworld, Avallon is no place for good girls or honest men.

Sky Pirates of the Rio GrandeEden Kane is just a lowly clerk with the Department of Hazardous Artifacts in 1867, but she yearns to be more.  When she sees an opportunity for advancement, she takes it.  And needing a helping hand, she frees Zenobia Santiago - a criminal tiger-woman who has been imprisoned for years.  Together they head West, braving dangers and villains, to finally seize the secret of the Sky Pirates of the Rio Grande.

Witches' Mark - Free   ( 8 Chapters )
When Stormy inherits responsibility for her grandmother's magical estate, she also inherits an ancient rivalry. Stormy's a witch, but has never been trained, and now she must face her grandmother's murderer, a man allied with a destructive power so ancient it doesn't even have a name. With only a groundskeeper, a bookseller, and a couple of unreliable teenagers for help, she must defeat the charismatic and seductive Thomas Winter, who is bent on having the secrets of Willowsong Hall, as well as Stormy herself. Prepare for sex magic, double-crosses, dark secrets, and sexy sacrifices as Stormy tries to resist the power of the Witches' Mark!

Pride & Prostitutes - Free   ( 9 Chapters )
Pride and Prostitutes Dolores and Delilah are twin sisters who couldn't be less alike. One is the sheriff's virtuous and wholesome wife, the other is the madam of the greatest whorehouse in frontier Kansas. Through mishap and misadventure, they must both assume the identity of the masked vigilante Black Lash! Hold on to your hats, this is one wild Western ride with bandits, brawls, gunfights, and lots and lots of sex.

Hour od the GryphonIn a time of war, the restless Avelia places herself on the front lines by impersonating a boy. When her secret outs, the honor of her family and her future as a warrior are placed at stake, and she must convince her general that she is no traitor. To what lengths will Avelia go to prove her loyalty to her ruthless master? To what lengths will he go to test her?

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