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About the Authors

Amanda Gannon is an award-winning author, artist, and profaniteer who spends too much time around skulls to be considered truly sane.  She hoards pirate treasure and cat whiskers, bakes excellent ginger cookies, and wants to be a supervillainess when she grows up.  She is a card-carrying pervert (right behind her Red Cross donor card), has been a sex blogger and an arts and culture editor at Weird Tales, written a famous screed about her vagina which (much to everyone's bafflement) was featured in a production of the Vagina Monologues, and has had an airship named after her.  All of this makes her uniquely qualified to provide pulp adventure erotica to the sweaty-palmed, onanistic masses.

She's written non-Adventurotica erotic fiction, available at Smashwords.

Despite being told that she would never find love if she didn't stop barking at people, she is happily married to Paul Batteiger.  A chronicle of Amanda's adventures (mostly pantsless) can be found at Shadow Muse, her Livejournal.

Paul D. Batteiger is a lifelong writer, which means that the most interesting things about him are lies.  He was born in the northeast, but moved to the west for his formative years.  He writes constantly in all sorts of genres but has a terrible time keeping clothes on his characters.  A close student of history, he tries to make his creations match some kind of veracity, just in case anyone cares about nineteenth-century belt buckles when there are airship battles and dinosaur attacks to read about.

More of Paul's writing, featuring characters both clothed and unclothed, is available at Smashwords.

Together they live in Oklahoma with a bunch of snakes, a furry zeppelin, a teacup-sized demon, a miniature yeti, and a threadbare old catbot.  Together they enjoy watching terrible movies with no pants on.

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