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 The Golden Mask        
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The Special Hell
Written by Paul   
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 21:53
I think many of us have been in a situation where we wanted something -craved something - that for whatever reason we knew we should not have.  Some temptations are worse than others, and some of us are better at resisting those temptations that others are.  Here we have Peleas in a situation where the thing he wants most is right in front of him, and he still holds back (mostly) because he feels like he should not give in.  Of course, this being porn, he will eventually.  But it's fun to see how long he can stand it.
Late Post
Written by Paul   
Monday, 21 April 2014 20:51
Sorry about that, got busy and it slipped my mind.  Chapter 13 is up now. Embarassed
Transfer Sensation
Written by Paul   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 22:34
This is where Adalina figures out that Peleas is feeling what she's feeling through their nifty little arm-rings, and like most of us, she intends to use this power for Evil, or at least Sexy Evil.  Hijinks will ensue.

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